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The good people here can help you in your quest for a new relationship with God:

The following sites are places that will help you gain a better understanding of Evangelical Christianity, and hopefully, be a blessing to you. They represent organizations that we support financially as we are able. You may have noticed that there are no ads on this website and no products for sale. We receive no compensation from these links either; like the website, they are our gift to you.

All the riches of the world are God’s to command, but God allows His work to depend upon the generosity of His people. Those gifts are doubly blessed – to the giver as well as to the receiver. If you have received anything of value from this website you might consider a donation to one of these organizations.

Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization:

Open Doors, an organization dedicated to helping the persecuted church world wide:

Focus on the Family, an organization dedicated to strengthening the traditional family:

Care Net operates crises pregnancy centers:

If you found this website interesting on a level beyond the beauty and science of agates, you might be interested in another of my websites, one in which I delve deeply into the decline of Germany as a Christian nation, and the resulting horrors of the Nazi era. The site is built around a lengthy pdf I call “War Comes to God’s House”.