About This Site

This site represents the work and opinion of the author, Bill Kitchens. I took all the photographs and wrote all the text for this site. All the photos are of agates that I owned at the time of the photography, although most have since been sold. The contents of the site are under copyright to me. I am happy to allow limited, non-commercial use of the content with attribution however.

The photos were taken with a Canon Rebel T3i camera. Most were taken on a camera stand under “daylight” compact flourescent lights with the 18-55mm zoom lens that came with the camera, or with a bellows and Pentax 1:4/100 lens, sometimes with extension tubes. The photos were processed with the open source photo manipulation software GIMP.

Are these photographs enhanced? They were taken under bright light and magnification to enhance the viewing experience, but for the most part I tried to duplicate on the screen what I saw through the camera lens. On a few photos, I increased the contrast to better reveal internal structures of the agates.

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