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God and Man, and Agates

This pdf series constitutes a rather lengthy and in-depth study of the nature, characteristics, and varieties of agate, and how I believe they fit into God’s created order. Topics include chemistry and crystallography of agate, with micro-photographic illustrations of both fibrous and granular chalcedony; the mode of agate formation in Igneous and Sedimentary rock, in pockets and in seams; the nature and forms of banding; and the nature of various inclusions in agate like moss and plumes. These pdf documents also contain numerous galleries of beautiful agate photographs not seen elsewhere organized by topics, such as plume agate, sagenite agate, fossil agate, seam agate, pocket agate ( nodules and thunder eggs, etc. ), and more.

The content of this pdf series is the sole property of the author, Bill Kitchens. Distribution of the contents for educational, non-commercial use is gladly permitted however. Remember in viewing these pages that it is a work in progress. One in which I would welcome constructive advice.

All the content of these individual documents is embedded, so they stand alone with the links going to back pages of the documents. If you are viewing this site on a platform that doesn’t support the links, you can scroll on down and, eventually (after a few blank pages), come to the linked sections.

As a further note, these pdfs were created with browsing on a large screen device in mind. Although you can print them, they are not printer friendly. As I get a chance, I will do some revisions on these and post a more printer friendly version, and a version more formated for ereaders and tablets; so check back if you are interested.


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Agate Genesis, Part 1

Agate Genesis, Part 2

Agate Genesis, Part 3

Agate Structures, Part 1

Agate Structures, Part 2

Agate Structures, Part 3

Agate Potpouri

Agate Genesis 1 without background color