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Now it’s your turn, my dear readers, to let me know what you think about my website (and it’s contents, of course). I welcome your comments, constructive and critical, as long as they are polite and make some point. All comments must be manually approved by me before publishing. In addition to bad language and bad manners causing a rejection, I won’t allow comments on comments or nested comments. Your dialogue will be with me alone. At present, I don’t have an email link on this site, but as all comments are seen by me first, if you have something for me alone, just note that it is not for publication.

19 thoughts on “Current Post and Comments Page

  1. Carol Shelton

    Now I love agates too! Saw you are Creation Moments website. What is the name of your EBay shop?

    1. gmaadmin Post author

      Carol, I’m glad you heard about my site and enjoyed it – just don’t love agates too much.

  2. Rick Smith

    I heard about your site on “Creation Moments” and I’m so glad I followed the reference link! I especially enjoyed the pictures with accompanying scripture verses. Great job, Bill! If creation reflects the mind of God, then God’s mind is beautiful and I believe you’ve captured a piece of it in your photography.

  3. Maureen Garr

    How great our God is . Such awesome beauty beats every Human thought! Thanks for these amazing pictures. God bless you.

  4. Mrs. Douglas A. Ferrell

    These are the most beautiful agates I’ve ever seen. We found your site thanks to Creation Moments having it listed on their article about agates. I wonder, how does one go about finding such beautiful stones? We live in eastern Kansas. Could you possibly tell us if there are any sites near us that we could find these at? Thanks again for the lovely pictures and the beautiful Scripture verses with them. God bless.

    1. gmaadmin Post author

      I’m really glad you like the site. Rockhounding and agate collecting are great hobbies; and, yes, there are a lot of collecting opportunities not too far distant from you. I’ll send you some info.

  5. Dolores Testerman

    Saw you on creation moments post – posted it

    Awesome … great pics and info!

    I have a theory on how they form that I am working on – I have been working in creation ministry for many years

  6. Lisa Justice

    heard about your website on Creation Moments on Rejoice Radio this morning and could not wait to get to computer to look – astounding! just like our Lord! is there a book or publication or printable version of gallery 101?

  7. Guy Morley

    Hi Bill! Very nice site! I love how you’ve given credit where credit is due.

    I stopped by today courtesy of Creation Moments (Windows of Heaven) and their references to you and your site. As a longtime film & digital photographer of God’s amazing creation, I greatly respect the work that you’ve done. I also appreciate your having provided info regarding equipment used and the shooting set-up. I have a lot of browsing to do since I just got here a short while ago and have only seen the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Agates are indeed wonderful, and make terrific photographic subjects! My wife’s grandfather was an agate collector and polisher. We were very fortunate to inherit a small portion of his collection. I have enjoyed taking some macro photographs of the better pieces.

    Thank you for creating this website that glorifies God and His incredible handiwork. GOD bless you!

  8. John Shiraef

    Wow what a find! I am so thankful I stumbled across your eBay listing Bill! I love how you blend your faith with a truly scientific approach to understanding and explaining what you have learned and how you make sense of what you see in agates. There aren’t many books that I finish absolutely certain and looking forward to reading again. This is one of them. Your photos are wonderful and your passion for both God and his creation really comes through. Keep up the good work and keep polishing…

  9. Kelly B

    Bill and Jane, your story and website are truly inspirational to me. What a wonderful legacy to be building. I am enjoying collecting and photographing agates and mineral specimens myself, and sharing them with our children who are avid Rockhounds. As with you, my pieces often get traded around to pay for new material. That is bittersweet, but delivers a massive amount of satisfaction when someone thanks you for their latest treasure, of which we can only be temporary custodians anyway. I love the Windows of God theme and am also very excited at the prospect of holding some of your stunning natural masterpieces in my hand. God bless you both and thank-you.

  10. Dave of Scotlandsagates

    Absolutely stunning and beautiful agates & just as stunning is your photography.
    It’s a pleasure to have supplied a Burn Anne jasper/agate that appears on your site.
    Fabulous website. Keep up the great work Bill.


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