• outstanding Berber, Kerouchen, Morocco Agate photograph

God Made Agates is a study in the three subjects of ultimate concern: God, man, and agates. Well, perhaps “agates” doesn’t really belong in the list of subjects of “ultimate concern”, but they are close to the hearts of many of us. In a creation of limitless beauty and variety, what is there in these small, insignificant stones that hold such fascination for us? Perhaps it is because, unlike sunset over a shimmering sea, a clear night sky, or sunlight filtering into a coral reef teeming with living gemstones, agates are unchanging, something we can possess and hold in our hands to be enjoyed at our pleasure. Perhaps it is because they allow us to take part in the creation, or at least the revealing, of their beauty. The appreciation of beauty and the desire to create beauty, and to understand it, are parts of the “image of God” built into mankind “in the beginning”. Therefore, perhaps the study of agates is not so out of place in this list. Well, enough of my musings.

This site contains the three main photo galleries displaying some beautiful agates.

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There is  another small gallery entitled “Agate 101” that contains some basic info about agate. Agate 101 is really just a teaser to interest you in delving deeper into this website in “Speaking of Agates and God, and Man” – a rather lengthy and in-depth technical study of agates, and how I believe they fit into God’s grand scheme of things. Because of the length and many photos included in “Speaking of…”, I have published it in pdf format divided into several individual documents. These contain agate photo galleries on topics – agates that form in sedimentary rock, agates that form in igneous rock, plume agates, moss agates, etc.

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